Breed discription and our own experiences

Persians belongs to the category of long-haired cats. They should be of medium or great height.The stocky body, standing on short burly legs with round paws, should have a muscular back.The coat should be long and thick with a silky structure and a good frizziness. The head should be round and wide with full cheeks, concluding ears very low on the head, widely seperated.The eyes of Persians have to be very round and big and with the exception of a little number, the standard demands for a deep orange or copper eye color.The tail is short and bushy, but has to be in proportion to the overall length of the body. A kink or knot in the tail is a big failure and would not be accepted on exibitions.

Persian Dusty Persian

With our own experiences with Persians we reached the conclusion that their character is more playful and they are very lively in their early age. Later they become also very cuddly, and the whole family can have pleasure in Persians.
Persians love to be focus of attention, but this includes other breeds too.

Dusty and Micky in the garden Persians in the garden