Our Persians


In 1984 we got our first Persian cat, that gave us really good times for almost 16 years and by the way some kitten several times. One of them couldnot live without us and stayed. In 1987 a tomcat joined us, who was called Cäsar of Candyland.

At the same time we moved to a south suburb of Berlin Rudow, where we were now living in our own house and our cats enjoyed the garden as we did.
Garden adventures were resulting much more coat caring than before, especially in spring and fall, and that was quite unpopular with all of us, men and cat. Although we all had to get through.

The mating of our tomcat Cäsar of Candyland - called Podge - and Bonny upon thr river spree - Berlin - called Mickey, resulted a few litters. One of the offspring was Dusty upon thr river spree - Berlin , born in 1992.

Our own human "offspring" was born in 1989 and taking care of him we decides to pause with our little amateur breeding in 1992

Dicker Dusty

After our son had grown up a bit, we started again with a young pair of cats of the Maine Coon breed. Both are taking big pleasure with us and old tomcat Dusty, in having adventures in the garden and living in our house.
On 19th of May 2006 Dusty had been taken of us after a long and serious illness. We had already known since a couple of month, that he suffered from insufficiency of his kidneys. Unfortunately this is a very frequent cause of death for elder cats. The course of this illness may slow down by a special diet and medicines but can not be hold. The maliciousness of the illness is, that if symptoms are realized, the organs are already destroyed for 70 %.

As we counted in his end rather earlier as the soil was still frozen, we took cremation in consideration for the first time.
We didnīt want to expand our little privat cemetery any further, so the family circle decided to do so. Even though, nobody should have the idea, that we unnecessarily put off this matter. You could feel that he was completely satisfied with the little world of his own almost to his end.
He was still able to enjoy the spring air on his last weekend on earth. He went to see his old friends in the neighbourhood to say farewell. On the following Tuesday he took his last dinner and then he made it clear unambiguously for us, that it has been enough now and should let him go.