Cat flap

Why a cat flap

As long as we have lived here the cats continually let us know when they wanted to leave the house −  particularly at night. This went on until someone had the pleasure of getting up to open the door to the garden. The hour was irrelevant to the cats.


The old version

Since the windows had not been airtight for almost 30 years, and the wood of the frames were already showing many cracks, after long reflection we decided to renew the windows in 2005.

And new windows also have the advantage of saving energy.


Old windows

Quotes were solicited and then new windows assembled taking all requirements into consideration. What was important in these quotes was an option for integrating a cat flap without losing energy in the winter.

In this context we read up on the pros and cons of cat flaps in various forums.

Opinions regarding cat flaps only german version

And, of course, quotes from different manufacturers were compared.

Quotes for kitty doors / cat flaps only german version

Further quotes for kitty doors / cat flaps only german version


die Fenstermacher

In spite of bad weather and cool temperatures, the window and the door were replaced in December. Thus, the windows were installed by the end of 2006 and the cats had their own door.

The result

New windows with cat flap New window

The view from inside and outside. From the living room a light door with a brown flap
From the garden, the flap is nearly impossible to discern

Behavior of the cats when the flap is open

Dusty Cindy at the cat flop

The cats learned very quickly. Every cat has its own method for opening the cat flap

Tommy at the cat flap Tommy at the cat flap

Behavior of the cats when the flap is locked

Tommy at the cat flop Tommy

A locked cat flap (for example on New Year´s Eve) is not popular. But after a few attempts, every cat accepts that there is no going out.