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Our pages are not only concerned with the cat breed Maine Coon, as we had a small hobby cattery for Persian cats until 1992, first in Berlin Steglitz and then in the southern part of the city in a house with a bit of a garden in Berlin   Rudow


Besides the latest pictures of our cats, our pages also feature other things of interest regarding cats, such as descriptions of the breed, tips and stories regarding cat flaps and the history of the "ausRudow" cattery. For those cat enthusiasts who are also genealogists, the genealogy tables of the Maine Coon have also been provided.
When we started out we chose the breed name "von der Spree". This name was also filed with the cat association "DRV" in Berlin, and our cats were registered there.
In 2004 or 2005 this association was dissolved. When we switched to a new association we learned that the name was protected and had already been claimed elsewhere. Thus, in 2006 we arrived at a new name for the cattery.


By the summer of 1999 our only cat was the Persian cat Dusty. At 16 years of age, "Grandma" Mäuschen had managed to outlive all cats but Dusty.
Without teeth during the last years, but healthy and cheerful, almost until the end. And so it came about that our first Maine Coon −  the tomcat Merlin −  moved in with us in the late summer of 1999. Cindy came soon afterward, and in 2001 we had the first Maine Coon litter.
From this litter one cat −  how could it be otherwise −  did not want to "move out".
And so, beginning at that time, we had 4 cats in our home.

Dusty and Merlin

In 2002 we began to make a number of alterations to the house, so that the cats were able to enjoy the time while the workers were busy in the garden but −  thanks to the pill −  there was only one litter with a tomcat in 2003. More on these litters can be found on the pages from the cattery. After a longer interval, we were expecting a litter in June of 2006. Here, however, we had quite some misfortune.
Towards the end of the pregnancy it was determined that preeclampsia had developed, from which the cat Cindy, at 7 years of age, did not recover. More on this at the cattery pages.

There were also other events which, since 2009, kept us from thinking about the breeding of cats. Nonetheless Annie, from our own breed, and our tomcat Tommy still enjoy life here with us.
We have meanwhile added a picture gallery covering the subjects Cuba, the railway and equestrian sport. And now, have fun browsing these pages.