Leo the tramp

This tom-cat actually was a wild one, living in the streets and gardens in our surrounding here in Berlin Rudow. From Spring of 1998 he came from time to time to get some food. After a while we called him

"The Resident" or "Leo"

We think that this poor creature must have made very bad experiences with human being, because he never let people touch him.
In the beginning he treated our meetings with coolness and with a big distance. After a while he accepted us standing beside him while feeding him. After one and a half year the distance became noticeably smaller. But if we had friends to visit us, he better went off.

On the terrace
Leo the tramp
Leo the tramp and Merlin
Meeting of two tom-cats

From spring of 2000 he loves to sleep in our garden and didn ot mind our presence
And believe it or not, from fall of 2000 he comes into our house, if he felt safe enough. But this was only for short visits. Never mind how cold it was outside in winter, he finally stayed outside.

In summer of 2001we were waiting for him, but he did not come for a visit.In october he came obviously thin and maybe ill.Now he came very often, a few times a day to get his food and sleep in the safety of our garden.

From november he fall seriously ill and was no more able to feed nicely. As it became cold outside he even cam in our house for a few days and we made the decision to bring to a vet. The vet found an serious inflammation in Leo´s mouth.

In the garden
Leo the tramp / Gastkater Leo
Leo the tramp
Sunbathing in the fall

The days right after the medical treatment he was quite cuddly, but as he felt a little better and he went on his way. Two weeks later he came back feeling worse than before. Unfortunately he did not get all his medicine because of his departure and so he still had the inflammation and had problems with feeding.  We tried it again, gave him medicine to recover him. Meanwhile he knew about everything in our house, even the cat litter, so his stay in our house was without problems.
Leo was a wanderer, so as soon as he felt a little better he wanted to go his way again, no matter ist was freezing outside.

He came back again shotly before christmas feeling worse than ever and although we gave him his medicine, pus came out of his mouth. He asked for food, but was not able to eat it nicely.

And so we went to the vet for a last time on the 19th of december.