And here are pictures which have nothing to do with the cats " cats from Rudow in Berlin"

Harzer Schmalspurbahnen Harz Narrow Gauge Railways

Pictures of various trips to the Harz region since 1999.

 Eisenbahnbilder Railway conference in Berlin in 2005

Railway conference at the Schöneweide depot, with steam engine romanticism lasting up until the evening hours.

Bilder aus Kuba Cuba in 2007

With our own impressions from an excursion through the country.
In part 2 there are pictures of a ride with steam engine no. 1432 of the Valle de Los Ingenios Railway (manufacturer: Baldwin Locomotive Company of Philadelphia, 1919) from Trinidad to the Manaca Iznagap sugar plantations.

Pferdesport Equestrian event in 2008 - foxhunt

In the Brandenburg countryside. The foxhunt is an equestrian sporting event in the fall, in which a rider wearing a fox tail on his shoulder takes over the part of the game. A special pack of hounds seeks and pursues the fox. The hunt participants follow the pack on horseback. The main interest is the riding itself, which in the open country is often quite demanding.

Weißeritztalbahn Weißeritztalbahn (Weisseritz Valley Railway)

The Weißeritztalbahn (Weisseritz Valley Railway) is one of the oldest public narrow-gauge railways in Germany (750 mm gauge width), located in the eastern Erz Mountains.
Here are pictures taken in January 2009, after it resumed operations in December 2008, on the line from the Freital-Hainsberg station to Dippoldiswalde.
The continuation of the line, from Dippoldieswalde to the bath town Kipsdorf is also supposed to be rebuilt since it was damaged by flooding in August 2002.

Lößnitzgrundbahn Ride on the Lößnitzgrundbahn (Radebeul-Radeburg railway) and pictures en route

In the Eastern Erz Mountains in January of 2009. The railway (750 mm gauge width) was put into commission on 15 September 1884 and is operated today by the SDG Sächsische Dampfeisenbahngesellschaft mbH (Saxony Steam Engine Company).
The line goes from East Radebeul to Radeburg, during which it crosses the 210 m long dam of the Dippelsdorfer Lake.

 Eisenbahnbilder With the Red Lightening in Majorca

The Red Lightening (914 mm gauge width) has connected Majorca´s capital, Palma, to the small town Söller in an almost perfectly straight line since 1912.
The train needs one hour for the distance of almost 27 kilometers.
It passes through the middle of the Tramuntana mountains, whose highest peak reaches up over 1000 meters. A good portion of the journey is through numerous tunnels, of which the longest (Tunel Major) is 2,857 meters.

 Eisenbahnbilder Steam engine 528177-9 in depot Berlin Schöneweide and on trips

In depot Berlin Schöneweide and on trips>
On 1 March 2009 with the traction unit 52 8177, via Ludwigsfelde, Luckenwalde to Jüterbog. From there continuing to Treuenbrietzen on the route of the branch line via Altes Lager.
The roundtrip continued on via Beelitz-Stadt Seddin and Sarrmund, and then back to Berlin Südkreuz.
Im march to Frankfurt/Oder and picture at the route

 Eisenbahnbilder Rasender Roland (Racing Roland) on the Island of Rügen

The Rügen Bäderbahn ( "bath rail") - Racing Roland (750 mm gauge width) is a steam engine driven (partially also diesel engine) narrow-gauge railway on the largest German island in Mecklenburg Western Pomerania.
On its 24.1 km route, it connects Göhren with Putbus in 75 minutes. The line passes through Baabe, Sellin and Binz.
In the summer, the train switches to a track with three rails at Putbus, where the Pommeranian small railway museum is located.
The pictures taken of the route and the trip are from May of 2009.